Are you cut out for the Alpha Team?

Since our beginnings, True North Gear® + DragonWear® have been teaming up with select individuals that are leaders in their field to review new and upcoming product designs; we call these men and women the Alpha Team. With their valuable blend of experience and skill, Alpha team members provide feedback that is vital to our design teams as they strive to produce only the best gear and clothing to keep you safe and comfortable.

Growing demand to participate in the Alpha Team has motivated us to extend the opportunity to apply on a greater scale. We are expanding our teams to include a larger range of field testers, in addition to encouraging more participation from fit models and brand ambassadors.

So why join Alpha Team?

Because you are a leader, because fit and comfort in your gear is as important as the protection it provides you, and ultimately, because you know what’s best for you. Join the Alpha Team now and make a difference.